Glymed Plus Oxygen Cream


Glymed Plus Oxygen Cream

Glymed Plus Oxygen Cream rejuvenates skin, infusing cells with a youthful energy, leaving the complexion more luminous and radiant. This is an oxygen rich cream that forces the life back into aging skin, supercharges cell turnover, helps to reduce wrinkles and leaves skin incredibly soft, fresh, and luminous for an ageless look.

This oxygen cream will create energy as it detoxifies and restores for younger acting skin. Oxygen is essential to life, including the life of skin cells. Formulated to promote oxygenation and detoxification at the cellular level. Skin will appear more luminous and radiant while lines and wrinkles seem to disappear. This will work for all skin types, but is especially beneficial on skin types also afflicted with pigmentation and/or photo-aging. Negative signs of aging, such as lines and wrinkles will be targeted, and with continuous use, will appear to fade.

This light and elegant soufflé is formulated with oxygen and will promote healthy skin cells while enforcing the cell’s detoxification process. This will aid in the skin’s ability to appear smoother and more luminous while promoting collagen synthesis and DNA protection.

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