Meet Shari Spakes

With over 24 years as owner of Pacific Heights Skincare and, passionate skincare guru Shari Spakes has gained the trust of many, and her passion for skincare is obvious. Considered the secret behind San Francisco's most flawless faces, Shari is dedicated to result-oriented skincare and client education. At her practice her effective treatments are life-changing and her easy-to-follow, at-home skincare routines have changed many faces into glowing confident skincare groupies. Each treatment is carefully curated to the individual's skincare needs, and her goal is to teach her clients how skin functions and how to take care of their skin type with customized skincare products. The result is happy faces with glowing skin. Her specialties are acne and hyperpigmentation, especially for skin of color.


Brooke Champagne

Shari is truly life-changing! I started seeing Shari almost two years ago ahead of my wedding. She is an absolute joy to talk to and has become a great friend. She takes the time to understand your skin needs. I would definitely describe myself as having “problem skin.” Flash
forward to the present day and I barely spend any time thinking about my skin apart from when people are complimenting me on how nice it looks :). Shari has
completely rejuvenated my skincare routine but is not pushy at all about products. Seeing Shari on a regular basis is an absolute joy!

Leslie Pritchett

Shari is the best of the best! I have been seeing her for skin care for more than a decade, and it shows. Her treatments and products have definitely delivered significantly younger-looking, healthy skin. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Gina Pell

Shari has been my aesthetician for more than 20 years, which I can't even believe. She's the reason people comment about how good my skin looks for someone over 50. She's always been amazing but her new LED treatments and hydrafacials make my tired skin glow. Plus, she's so caring and funny that it's a joy to be on her table. LOVE LOVE LOVE Shari Spakes!

Jordan Wong

Shari's recommendations and treatments changed my life! By sticking to her assessment, regiment, and adjustments in my diet, my (adult) acne-prone
complexion dramatically improved. My confidence is back and now I even receive
compliments about my skin. I've visited several estheticians in the past but she is the ONLY one that has been 110% effective for me. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for REAL results and improvement! Genuinely, my skin has never been better.



Introduce me to your skin care routine I want to know what you put on your skin. I mean everything. You can bring them to your appointment, write them down or take a photo of your current skin care products.


We will go over your skin concerns/issues, and I will assess your skin. We can discuss the best course of action to get you the skin of your dreams!


Let me recommend the best treatments and products for your skin. Just because your best friend does it or uses it, doesn't mean it's ok for your skin. Trust me.

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