The Truth About Buying CHEAP Skin Care Products On The Internet

The Truth About Buying CHEAP Skin Care Products On The Internet

Buyer Beware- I can’t tell you how many times I hear from clients that they got burned trying to find a deal on the internet by buying cheap skin care products. The truth is that quality medical grade ingredients do cost more, and they because they provide results. Scouring the internet for the cheapest deal may not always prove to be the best when dealing with these quality ingredients. As a representative of the brands I sell, we agree to sign a disclosure not to sell to 3rd party vendors for cheaper prices. Believe me; I get calls all the time with promises for me to sell more if I partner with them. Never fear, I have too much integrity to do that for a buck.

Another reason is to make sure that the quality of the products hasn’t been tampered with or compromised, by improperly storing them. There have also been cases were products were found to be counterfeit and or empty bottles, or products that cause allergic reactions. These are risks that are really not worth the cheaper price!

I guarantee that the products we sell online and in salon are straight from the manufacturer and are never tampered with or stored improperly.

I always try to provide my customers with great customer service and give deals and discounts often to show my dedication in providing quality skin care treatments and products. We also try to help with free shipping and free samples with every order.

Know your re-seller and don’t buy it because it’s cheap. Help support small business!

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Cheers to great skin!