Multimask your way to glowing skin

Multimask your way to glowing skin

Is your skin feeling dry and dull? Or, are you battling too much oil and congested pores? When your skin needs an immediate boost, multimasking is one of the easiest and most efficient routines you can do. I encourage all of my clients to multimask at home once a week to keep their skin clear and hydrated between facials.

What is multimasking?

Multimasking is doing three or more masks back to back — like a professional facial at home, in less than an hour. Choose masks with different targeted results, and your skin will reap the benefits of each exponentially! 

What kinds of masks should I use?

Be sure to pick masks that target different issues. The specific masks you choose can be based on your skin type (normal, dry or oily/combination) and what results you’re looking for (like softer skin, fewer visible wrinkles, minimized acne spots or smaller pores). Just mask, rinse and repeat! 

Here are some tips on how to choose and apply your masks:

  1. Time to exfoliate. Pick a mask that will draw out impurities and clear away dead skin cells so your skin is primed to soak in all the benefits of the masks to come. Look for ingredients like kaolin (clay), activated charcoal or rice starch.
  2. Antioxidants are the game-changer. Masks can help brighten pigmentation with vitamin C, firm wrinkles with retinol, soothe irritated skin with botanicals, clear acne with tea tree oil and so much more.
  3. Hydratehydratehydrate! Ingredients like collagen, hyaluronic acid and glycerin will lock in all of the benefits, protect your skin, and leave your face soft and glowing! No matter what your skin type, hydration is the key to anti-aging.

PRO TIP: Need a super-quick fix? Customize multiple masks into one by zoning your face into three areas. For example, use a clay mask on your forehead and nose to combat oil, a brightening mask along your temples and cheekbones, and a hydrating mask along your jawline. Get all the benefits in a third of the time!

The easiest way to get your best glow

While I highly recommend you always have a bottle or two (or four!) of your favorite go-to masks on hand, I know it’s not always realistic to own a separate mask for every possible issue your skin could face. This is especially true for women who are battling multiple concerns, like acne, combination skin and wrinkles.

An easy solution is to incorporate sheet masks into your skincare routine. They’re inexpensive and fun to use, but they deliver major results. These one-use masks are soaked in serum that stays on your skin and works for hours — perfect for multimasking!

That’s why I started SF Mask Club. Each month, you get five sheet masks suited to your skin type, targeting a variety of issues. I pick the highest-quality masks made with the most cutting-edge ingredients. So you — and your beautiful skin — will always be ahead of the curve.

Cheers to great skin,