The Pimple Problem (and Answer!)

The Pimple Problem (and Answer!)

Pimples always seem to come at the worst time. We have all woken up with that horrifying zit out of nowhere and the panicky fear that everyone will see it. So, what should you do? Pop it? Leave it alone? Here are some facts on what happens when you pop a pimple.

First, I know it’s hard, but you really should resist the urge to pop that zit. Why? The last thing you want is to spread the infection to the other areas of your skin and potentially risk scarring. A pimple is really a tidy way to trap and protect your skin from the bacteria, oil and dead skin cells that are irritating it. When you apply too much pressure on the skin around a pimple, the debris and BACTERIA can burst underneath into the deeper layers of the skin. This leads to infection. Trust me! Leave the extractions to a professional. Just don’t ever allow an aesthetician to use a metal extractor which can leave permanent scarring and damage your skin.

Once you pick at a zit that’s not ready to pop, or done incorrectly, you risk permanent scarring and unwanted pigment in the blemished area. Your body goes into healing mode because it senses an injury or trauma to the area. Your immune system then kicks in and sends pigmented cells to the area to protect the injured site. So, not only do you have inflamed zits, but now you are also having to battle unwanted pigment that lingers even longer.

In short, just say NO to picking. You don’t want to introduce new bacteria or have bacteria lingering on longer than if you had just left it alone. Chances are that tomorrow it will already be on its way out. After all, why risk making a small breakout bigger and creating even more problems with your skin?

So Shari, what can I do if I get a zit? I get this question all the time. Here are my easy tips to zap that zit for good!

  • Ice, Ice Baby….That’s right! Apply ice to the affected areas, and continue with ice therapy until swelling and redness are gone. Ice is anti-bacterial. Remember, steam is a no-no and will just make your skin produce more oil, then breakout more.
  • Apply a drying agent like Glymed Plus’ Astringent #5 with a Q-tip to the affected area, then apply Glymed Plus’ Serious Action mask and leave on overnight.

Let’s face it, sometimes going out with a pimple is just out of the question. So, if you do have to perform surgery on that zit on your own, do this:

  • Use tissue paper on your index fingers, after cleansing your skin. Apply pressure to the sides of the zit, and gently twist.  If it doesn’t pop easily-leave it alone! Forcing a pimple leads to scarring and sad days ahead!
  • If you do extract something from this zit, dab with astringent and do the ice therapy again.
  • Remember, NO pinching and No Fingernails! This just leaves more scars.
  • Lastly, if you can’t bear to do it yourself, leave it to a professional. I offer a zit zap for a 10 minute appointment. My client’s often call me in a panic and always leave stress and zit free.

Follow these easy tips to manage pimples and your skin will thank you!