Say Goodbye to Micro-Beads

Say Goodbye to Micro-Beads

Say goodbye to micro-beads in soaps and gels! President Obama just banned the use of plastic micro-beads in all skin care products.

It’s no secret that exfoliating products often contain beads to scrub away the dead skin cells. However, the skin care industry skipped a few corners in safety and cost by adding plastic beads (polyethylene beads) that resemble tiny little spheres in many skin care products like soaps, cleansers, scrubs and even toothpastes. These plastic beads are often a cheaper alternative to natural ingredients like ground up seeds, nuts and pits from fruit, salt, oats, husks and of course sugar.

One of the dangers in using these plastic beads is when the product is rinsed off. These toxic beads are being washed down the drain and are too small to be filtered out in water treatment facilities. This colossal mistake has affected wildlife in our oceans, lakes, rivers and are often mistaken for food and eaten by fish and other marine organisms. The food chain is also being affected. Think about it, would you want to eat a fish that had eaten these toxic beads?

Please follow my advice on this tip. Make sure when you are using an exfoliating product, you check the label to see if it has any of these nasty plastic beads in it. Tell your friends and spread the word!

Oh, and just so you know, none of the products we sell at sfskincare have these beads, I got your skin covered!