Facial Cleansing Wipes: The good, the bad, the ugly

Facial Cleansing Wipes: The good, the bad, the ugly

You’ve probably seen the new facial cleansing wipes in the stores and wondered about this new trend. They sound like an amazingly convenient way to accomplish that daily duty of removing makeup and washing your face. After all, who doesn’t want a quick and easy solution on those late nights when we just want to fall into bed and skip the cleanser and water routine?

The good

The truth is cleansing wipes are a bit of a mixed bag for your skin. They will do a decent (not great) job of removing makeup and can even give you a bit of a freshen up on the go.  So, if you are camping, dashing into a workout class, or maybe stuck on a long flight, then facial wipes will give you a convenient, quick cleanse and give your skin a fighting chance against a day’s build up of makeup and environmental pollution.

The bad

Facial wipes will give you a fresh feeling, but leave skin loaded with chemicals that can be harsh and irritating.  And, how clean are you really? Without properly cleansing and rinsing, a toxic film of chemicals and trace makeup will be left sitting on your skin. Not good! Think of how long that could be sitting on your skin before you have a chance to really clean it off and you’ll realize how you are not doing yourself any favors!

The ugly

Lastly, frequent use of these wipes may lead to acne flare ups from the excess chemicals and makeup left behind. If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis or rosacea, you may also find cleansing wipes too irritating and they may not be for you.

So, in a pinch, cleansing wipes can be a convenient solution on the go. However, in the long run, do yourself a favor and stick with what really works — good old fashioned cleanser and water.  My favorite cleansers are PCA Skin’s Facial Wash recommended for skin on the face and body. It invigorates the skin as it eliminates, dirt, debris, excess oil and makeup, leaving the skin soft, supple and pH balanced.