Does oil belong in your skin care products? I say no, and here’s why….

Does oil belong in your skin care products? I say no, and here’s why….

What’s up with all the hype on oil based skin care products? They are everywhere these days, and well….I hate ’em and here’s why.

You can find oils in cleansers, lotion, and even leave-on formulas. The media is all a-buzz about them, but I give them the big no-no-no! I really am tired of hearing about them and what miracles they do for your skin….NOT! Here are some of my top reasons to leave the oil based skin care products out of your daily skin care routine, especially if you have clogged pores and acne!

  1. Ever noticed those small white bumps around cheeks and eye area? These are called milia.  One of the major reasons for having milia stem from the use of products containing oil.  Make-up removers often have oil.  Although it seems like you are taking off your make-up, all it’s doing is breaking up the make-up and now you are just smooshing dirt, oil and make-up all over your face….This is just GROSS!
  1. Oils can age your skin. Why? Because oil on skin can actually be dehydrating.  I also don’t recommend putting oil on your skin to seal in the moisture.  It doesn’t work. Yes, you heard me right. Oil=Dry and not hydrated. If you want hydrated skin look for ingredients like hylauronic acid.
  1. Another reason to nix the oils…you’re wasting time and money.  Let’s face it, when you spend a lot on your skin care routine, you want it to work. Oils can form a layer of film on the skin blocking the absorption of key anti-oxidants in your skin care routine. If you are trying to apply retinols, peptides and other key ingredients, you will run into trouble.  They don’t mix well with the oils and, basically, these important ingredients will not be delivered into your skin.

Trust me, oil looks like a cure all, but it’s actually a pore clogger and can possibly cause break-outs and congestion in your skin, therefore to the question of does oil belong in your skin care products the answer is an overwhelming no.

Just say NO to oils, and your skin will thank me later!