Skincare Series Skincare Series Part 1: My Facialist Explained to Me Why Your Skin Ages, And The 3 Things You Need To Start Doing About It

The next 2 posts are part of T20S’s Skincare Series! We worked with my facialist, Shari Spakes,  to share everything you need to know about having glowing, like a baby’s bottom skin in your 20s (and beyond). Shari has been featured in publications like Goop and Allure (and is one of the only reasons my skin is in semi-good shape).

I learned SO much about keeping my skin healthy by doing this post with Shari, I can’t wait to hear what you learn too. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with T20S, Shari! 

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As I’ve entered my mid-20s, I’ve truly started to feel the effects of aging. Not only have my hangovers come a little easier and my body a little achier, I’ve noticed crevices in my skin that were never there before. WTF?! Do I have wrinkles?! 

In the past year, I’ve become addicted to skincare. After a minor battle with adult acne (thanks to the IUD), I started seeing a facialist. My skin has absolutely transformed after starting to see Shari. The most shocking part of this all was that there was SO MUCH I DIDN’T KNOW. Like the fact that I was stuffing my face with  cheese  at every wine happy hour I could find… (you’ll understand why this is bad if you keep reading)

I wanted to share Shari’s skincare secrets with you all so we can all feel confident in our NATURAL beauty forevs. And evs. 

Why You Need To Start Taking Care Of Your Skin, ASAP 

The biggest thing I learned from talking to Shari is that it’s never too early to start taking care of your skin. Your skin is going to age whether you like it or not. The best thing YOU can do is help it age well.

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What do you mean, “age well”?

Shari told me to start thinking of my skin like a baklava. Yes, baklava. LOL.

She explained that your skin has tons of layers and it’s constantly flaking off. If you don’t encouraging the rebuilding of your skin (so more layers) as you get older, your skin starts to look less full and you start to see those effects of aging.

As you get older, you start to lose collagen (the natural, structural protein in your skin), your skin because less smooth or elastic-y when you need. You need to encourage the rebuilding (cellular turnover) of your skin at a young age to continue having that young skin forever. This will help your skin produce more natural collagen. 

Now that we get WHY we age, what can we do to keep our skin looking young?