My Best Kept Secret to Youthful Skin Exposed

We all have unwanted facial hair, but how can we get rid of it without ruining our skin or causing more damage? My advice, shave it! Waxing, threading and bleaching your facial hair can cause more problems: hyperpigmentation, break-outs, and if you are using retinols, this can make your skin sensitive to the sun and injure it as well.

Most women are worry that shaving their face will cause the hair to grow back thicker and darker. That’s a myth. It simply isn’t true and trust me, women in Asia have known about this beauty secret for a long time. The hair I am talking about is vellus hair or simply…peach fuzz. Peach fuzz is different from hormonal hair, it will NOT grow back thicker or darker.

Here are a few fabulous reasons that shaving your face can actually help your skin: exfoliation, increase efficacy and penetration of topical products, great for acne, keeps hair follicle clear of build up and p.acne bacteria.

Here is my at home routine, great for every 2 to 3 weeks:

  1. Use a gentle foamy cleanser instead of shaving cream.
  2. Always use double blades razors, great for exfoliation and change the blades regularly.
  3. Work in small sections of the face, move slowly and don’t apply too much pressure.

Afraid to do it yourself? Make an appointment with an esthetictian or dermatologist for a professional shaving, this is called dermaplaning or epiblading. This process has been around for decades and it has more benefits and no bad side effects!

Hollywood starlets like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were believers and you can add my name to the list.

Tackle your unwanted hair with a tool you already have in your arsenal of beauty tools, TRUST me, your skin will look and feel amazing!

Cheers to great skin!

– Shari