Multi-Masking…The Art of Mask Layering

Here’s a twist on treating your skin, to a pampering once a week facial mask. If you are searching for a new complexion enhancement, try multi-masking! Why not use two or three of your favorite beauty masks in a single treatment? Make sure to have a variety of masks, that are suitable for your skin type.

This is a great recipe for giving your skin an extraordinary glow. All you need, is three of your favorite masks. It’s always good to have several that work on different issues, like an exfoliating mask, a purifying or pore refining mask followed by a hydrating mask.

I like to start off my mini at home facial, by prepping my skin with my favorite cleanser Glymed Plus Age Management Oxygen Deep Pore Cleanser, and I like to use my Clarisonic brush twice, for a squeaky clean feel. Then, I am ready for the trifecta effect!

For best results, use an exfoliating mask first, to slough off any dead skin, Glymed Plus Age Management Anti-Aging Exfoliant Mask or Jan Marini Skin-Zyme Papaya Mask. Followed by a purifying or pore refining mask, to achieve deep pore cleansing and it’s great for blackheads PCA Skin Purifying Mask. This is where the magic happens, after you have scrubbed your pores clean, and allowed some deep exfoliation, now it’s time to hydrate and soothe your skin! I always wrap it up with a luxurious hydrating mask to intensely moisturize and give your skin, long term anti aging benefits. Glymed Plus Cell Science Ultra Hydrating Enzyme Mask.  It will provide just the right amount of moisture and keep your skin looking dewy and glowing all week long!

No matter what type of skin you have, I would recommend muti-masking once a week for best results.