Are You Making This Big Skin And Hair Mistake?

When you are taking a shower, do you find yourself turning the hot water way up? This common practice can be quite damaging to your skin and hair. Over use of hot water may be the culprit for your dry, irritated skin.

“How?” I am here to tell you! Hot water strips away the essential oils that create a protective barrier for your skin. The result is dry, itchy, tight, red, and often irritated skin. So the more frequently you wash with hot water, the drier and tighter your skin will get. This is why we suffer from these symptoms more commonly in the winter – those long hot showers, they may seem soothing, but they are damaging your skin!

Your hair can also suffer from the consequences of a hot, hot shower, leaving your lovely locks brittle, dehydrated and not to mention SPLIT ENDS…

Like your body’s skin, the skin on your scalp needs its natural oils to maintain a healthy balance. Drying out your scalp causes it to produce more oil, leading to oily scalp and greasy roots.

Here are a few solutions for your hair and skin to survive the harsh winter months.
•    Try to keep your shower to a 10 minute minimum and use lukewarm water, not piping hot.
•    Use a mild gel cleanser/ moisturizing gel cleanser and say bye bye to bar soap and antibacterial products (that’s a whole other conversation!).
•    Try to skip shampoo days to every other day and apply conditioner only to the ends of your hair.
•    I like to keep my moisturizer in the shower so I can seal in the moisture right after I turn off the water. This leaves my skin hydrated and smooth.
•    My last tip is to also make sure you are hydrated on the inside. My latest obsession has been sipping on organic meyer lemon water throughout the day. This is not only delicious, but extremely hydrating and great for detoxing your whole body.

So say bye-bye to hot water, and hello to gorgeous skin and hair!